Monday, September 08, 2008

Cubbies Night #3

rachel was the most excited about cubbies last night than she's ever been. when we got home she actually asked if she could go to cubbies again. she had 2 verses to say this week, which she did successfully (she yelled it to me from across the children's center when she saw me come in).

all the kids that did their verses last night were completing the cubbies brochure and were then able to get their very own cubbies handbook. again, i tried to prepare myself just in case she got shy and didn't say her verses and didn't get her book... i mean, she's only 2 (3 next month!). all the parents came in and they had a little mini-ceremony to announce who was getting their book. i wish i had known they were doing this b/c i would have brought my camera! i definitely felt like some kind of pta mom standing in the back watching all the kids sitting in their seats. if they got their name called they got to run up and give their teacher a high five accompanied by thunderous applause. i still didn't know if she would be getting a book so i was almost holding my breath... then i heard "and last, but certainly not least, rachel wade!" she wasn't really paying attention due to the fact she was sitting backwards in her seat so she could smile at me, but once she realized it was her turn she ran up to the front. 

little cubbies handbook is the first thing (that i can think of) that my daughter has actually earned. they don't just pass them out if your kid shows up. they have to have completed 2 weeks of their verses. every kid didn't get a book last night. now the verses she says will earn her little patches i get to put on her cubbies vest (which she'll earn in another 2 weeks!).

this week's verse: ...everything He had made was very good... Genesis 1:31

in other news, i start the symphony tonight @ 7:15pm. hopefully i won't make a complete spectacle of myself.


The Townleys said...

how's the symphony going???

Kathleen said...

good job Rachel. She is so smart! The new puggles are growing on me....I still miss our old group though.