Monday, September 08, 2008

Lucas News

since i've been writing a lot about rachel lately, i figure it's time for a little man lucas update. when he was trying to figure out how to sit up, all he wanted to do was for you to sit behind him so he could practice sitting. he didn't want to be on his back or belly, he just wanted to sit up. well, sitting up is old news now. he's currently spending all his time back on his belly trying to crawl. he's probably spending about 92% of his awake time trying to crawl. seriously. and he's really close. he can take an honest-to-goodness crawling step with a leg and a hand, then he'll usually fall on his belly. instantly, he's back on his hands and knees ready for another go. it's slow going, but he does manage to get himself across a room, usually towards something he shouldn't touch. i haven't had to think about baby-proofing for a while now! here we go!

more pictures to come.

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