Friday, September 07, 2007

so there's not really much to update on around here since all of my days look virtually the same. i'm up to nannying 5 days a week now since noah's started preschool again (upping a day allows me to keep the same number of hours a week which I NEED). on monday afternoons i also teach violin lessons, at the same time as nannying, but we've scheduled it during noah's naptime, so it works out pretty well. (i stick rachel up in the tv room with trains and crayons, juice, and a ridiculous pile of snack and watching thomas the tank engine and leave her to her own devices. she hasn't destroyed anything yet in my hour absence. please don't call social services on me.) also, i'm back to the jewelry making, believe it or not, because chuck is going to indonesia next month for almost 2 weeks and therefore is not working for almost 2 weeks and we just need all the money we can get. (i'm also trying to plan ahead for my definite 6 weeks of no paychecks after this baby comes out.) so basically, my day is built around making all the money i humanly can until february, when we have maternity leave and a big fat hospital bill to cover. exciting stuff. i offically don't have time for anything fun.

so i'm pretty positive i'm feeling the baby move now. i'll be 17 weeks along tomorrow. i go back to the doctor on sept. 26th and we'll hopefully be able to find out who's in there exactly.

rachel is definitely a 2-year-old. she doesn't turn 2 until october 18th, but she has the whole 2-year-old thing down pretty good, espeically the saying "no." she climbs on everything. no table is safe. and is inventing her own sentence structure. like instead of saying "may i have that bracelet?" she says "one more bracelet too?" hey, that's pretty creative, right?

yesterday, we went to the playground with noah, and rachel was so filthy with dirty all over her face and legs and nasty matted hair, she looked like some little orphan child from charles dickens. so we had a bath.

i think noah might be just about almost offically potty-trained. *satisfied sigh* it only took 4 1/2 months of urinated clothing and me trying to plan my escape from reality.

i need to stop typing now. i think i hear my brain cells starting to sizzle.

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