Saturday, August 18, 2007

so i had another disgusting vomiting session today thanks to baby #2. it was just me and rachel at home and i'm pretty sure i thoroughly freaked her out. she came slowly into the bathroom during the action saying "mama? mama?" and then she started patting me on the back because that's just the kind of amazing child she is. gross story... but i kind of like it at the same time :).

also, i'm proud to announce that next sunday, rachel is being promoted to the 2 year old sunday school class. i don't care if it's lame, but i'm very excited that she's going into a class that does more activities and sings more songs and brings home more crafts and learns more about Jesus. :)

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The Townleys said...

If you're looking for buddies in the toilet bowl club, I'm in. I seem to be good for a round (or FOUR) a day. Ugh. Can't WAIT until this part is over!
We're due March 7th.