Monday, September 10, 2007

rachel slept in her big girl toddler bed last night! all night! and it was her own idea! we had storytime and i said it was time to get into bed, and she climbed into her dora the explorer bed and laid down. i wasn't even planning on trying this yet, so i asked 'you don't want to sleep in your crib?" she said "no." i said "you want to sleep in your dora bed" she said "mm hm." so i got her a little pillow and put her down in her dora bed. every 5 minutes or so, i'd hear her door creak open a little bit, and i'd just say 'rachel, get back in bed.' and she would. we did that about 6 times, for maybe an hour. and then she went to sleep. no fussing. there were a couple times i went to check on her and i saw her peeking through the door. as soon as she saw me she quickly disappeared and jumped back in bed without me saying anything. i didn't hear her until 8:30 this morning. when i went in to get her she was still laying in bed. i don't think she got up to play with her toys at all. this is how big my girl is!

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