Friday, December 02, 2011

look what i made!

this christmas is proving slightly different than other christmases we've had in the past as a family. the main thing being all of our christmas decorations are 5500 miles away! and since we're not wanting to spend a ton of money on new decorations we'll (hopefully) only need to use for this year, i'm finding myself forced to become a little creative. (yes, i did use the word "forced" b/c i'm just not one of those people that has the motivation to make things, usually.)

we were lacking a wreath. and what's decorating for christmas without a wreath?? i had a sudden recollection that sheila had an easy how-to-make-your-own-wreath on her blog last year. i looked it up and, indeed, it was as easy as i remembered. so i bought some small pieces of fabric from walmart, got a wire hanger out of the closet, and got to work.

bend your hanger into a circle.

(there's me in my official preschool teacher t-shirt. rachel really wanted to take a picture of me.) 

i cut the fabric into lots of little strips. i did mine closer to 5 inches long (i varied some of the lengths to give my wreath some variety.)


tie each strip of fabric onto the wire in whatever kind of pattern you want.

behold, the finished product! i actually cut a lot more strips than i ended up needing for my wreath. i may even have enough left over to make another one!

yes, my mantle is currently stocking-less. hopefully that will be the next project i'll have finished up to show you!

happy december!


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