Wednesday, August 03, 2011

another favorite

even though my daughter started kindergarten a few weeks ago, she's already tracked out for the next 3 weeks. so we've returned to summer vacation mode. i am, however, trying to add a tad bit more structure to our days. that structure being a picnic lunch in the living room with nihao kailan, turn the tv off promptly at 1:00 because yo gabba gabba comes on (and since the entire IQ of the room drops about 47 points whenever that show is on, i don't allow it), and then we have snuggle time on the couch with a few books before nap time (their pick). this reading time has resurrected one of rachel's favorite books from our homeschooling last year:

i LOVE milly molly mandy. this book is a collection of 21 stories about millicent margaret amanda (milly molly mandy for short... because that's easier to say... right?) and was written in 1928. the old-timey-ness of this book makes me an instant fan. the fact that they say "frock" instead of dress, that their house has a thatched roof, and that they have to "put the pony in the trap" to go pick someone up from the train station is basically the best thing ever.

each story is about 10 pages long with very few pictures (usually 2 pictures per story). as we read through this book together last year i noticed a profound increase in my daughter's attention span with the picture-less stories. sometimes she wants me to follow the words with my finger so she can see where i am. other times she lays down and just watches my face as i read. i don't get away without reading at LEAST 2 of these stories in a sitting... if my voice can hold up, that is. 

it's safe to say that reading with my kids is just about one of my favorite things ever.

click here for some more of rachel's favorites that we like to keep handy.


The Renfrows said...

I love Milly Molly Mandy- I read her stories when I was growing up! I can't wait to introduce it to my girls.

andiewade said...

i had NEVER heard of her before. somehow i missed that boat. but i'm loving her now! i love how motherhood is kind of a second chance at childhood ;)