Saturday, July 23, 2011

haircut day

over a month ago, my daughter approached me and declared she wanted to get her hair cut short so she could give it to the wig people so the little sick kids can have hair.

say what?

how she learned about the "wig people" i'm not entirely sure. and it was a subject she wouldn't drop. i wanted her to understand that this was a big decision and once that gorgeous hair is gone, it's gone, and it won't be long again for a loooong time. but she never once wavered in her decision.

so i made the appointment.

but the day before our appointment, the other child in my household broke his arm. in the interest of not having to buckle him up in a car seat, i postponed the appointment until this morning.

after a yummy breakfast at ihop (complete with various pig meats that our children loved to announce to the whole restaurant we were eating... they're still not used to being able to eat pig since being back in the states), we arrived at "the cutting store," according to rachel pamela (a. k. a. the fabulous kathleen weathers).

look at those locks.

the first snip. no going back now.

who knew this grown up lady was hiding underneath all that hair? i don't know if i'd recognize her in a crowd.

this hair will make some little child very happy one day!

man, i'm proud of that girl.


Kristi said...

So awesome!! Love the haircut and love the wig people too! :)

Jill said...