Saturday, October 02, 2010

that's a good question. what AM i into?

i saw this on my friend sheila's blog. and i thought it looked like fun.

so, what am i into as of october 2010? this might take me a while to figure out...

on my nightstand: a voice in the wind by francine rivers.

in my bible: 2 kings/2 chronicles/psalms in my chronological bible (that's why they're overlapping)

on my tv: the office, house, hell's kitchen

in my kitchen: i'm enjoying getting into cooler-weather-friendly recipes. mainly chili, potato stew, and i made homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time ever tonight. i'm planning on sharing recipes later.

in my ears: the overdressed album by caedmon's call and beams of heaven by indelible grace.** i listen to music mainly when i cook, especially since i have to do much more from scratch... therefore taking longer. if i have a good song in my ears, i can chop vegetables and herbs without getting annoyed at how long it's taking (fyi, i'm not a big fan of cooking in general).

on my screen: well, i'm looking at sheila's blog so i can copy her fun post idea and i also just checked out my friend priscila. yeah... i like looking at blogs.

on my memory card:

on my calendar for october: embarking on our second month of homeschooling, putting up our home-made halloween decorations, watching 'it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown' over and over until we can't stand it any longer, and watching my oldest baby turn 5... 5!!!

if you decide to write about what you're into, leave a comment so i can check out your post!

**i'll take this moment to make a shameless plug for my dad, chris lucas. if you like good songs, amazing lyrics that make you think, a lot of character, and guitar playing where it sounds like the musician has 3 thumbs, 2 index fingers, and 4 pinkies on his right hand, then he's the guy for you. download some tunes today.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! That's really weird it won't let you put me on your sidebar. :) Definitely as random as my phone not calling the furniture guy's! ;)