Tuesday, October 05, 2010

the latest installment from my budding author

the assignment: write a story about the day you woke up and were only 2 inches tall.

the result is as follows:

one day, i was two inches tall. i found a teeny white balloon and then a big pink balloon. then i found the biggest orange balloon and tried to make steps out of the balloons. then there was a huge big balloon that was purple. i walked on the balloons and the white one popped. i fell down and the dragon stepped on me because i was little.
i got up and climbed the tallest bunk bed. then i climbed down with teeny pink flowers from my bunk bed, and found a purple jewel for my mommy on lucas's bed. then i ate a strawberry from the kitchen and then i was growing like lucas. then i put some beautiful clothes and shoes on.

the end.

now that's a story. this is only our second attempt at full-out writing our own story, but i already noticed such a big difference in her confidence and ideas. i had to prod her to think of what's next after every sentence during our first attempt. this time around was more about holding her back and keeping her on track. (things were getting far too princessy and not having anything to do with being two inches tall.) to reiterate, she comes up with the story and i act as the scribe.

i hereby decree another successful homeschooling day complete!

what can you create with your kids today?

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