Wednesday, February 11, 2009


remember when i promised random holiday pictures at inappropriate times? oh don't worry. i haven't forgotten. i have A LOT of things to share that are out of date. as we all think about celebrating or rebelling against or completely ignoring the upcoming holiday of valentine's day, i thought it a perfect time to talk about the trip we took with chuck's parents during thanksgiving week.

we packed the truck to leave raleigh and headed for the north carolina zoo in asheboro. as you can see, poor little lucas got to stare at the back of his seat for a total of 3 states throughout the trip. he was the ultimate trooper. and yes, that's a potty on the seat in between them. this was a major road trip, people.

unfortunately, it was ridiculously freezing and most of the animals apparently shared our opinion and didn't come out to be stared at. but we still saw some and had a great time. especially our little animal lover, rachel pamela. one of the seals swam right up to her and they had a staring contest. unfortunately, mommy was too slow with the camera.

puffins are cool. i'll bet you wish you were as cool a puffin. i sure do.

i wish i could remember this guy's name. it was something like "binky." seriously. poor "binky" had just had surgery and there was a sign letting us know he's feeling a little under the weather. binky, however, was a fan of the weather that day.

my ultimate trooper

fortunately it wasn't too cold for the giant insect playground. how often do you get to sit on one of these guys?

chuck really enjoyed playing with our new camera (it was new at the time). this picture of an elk was taken from a very far distance. our old camera zoomed about 2 feet. the fact that our new one can zoom across the galaxy is very exciting to us.

to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm terrified of that insect playground they have. I mean really. Why insects? But I'm glad you guys had fun! Avery loved the zoo when we went and she wasn't even 2 yet! I can't wait to take her and Anabel one day.