Thursday, February 05, 2009

a tribute...

to my wedding dress.

i had been engaged not even a full week. i went on a trip to david's bridal with my buhd, melissa, to get HER a wedding dress. (she had been engaged much longer than i had.)

i thought it would be fun to try a few dresses on. after all, i was a bride-to-be, too.

i came across a $600 dress that was marked down to $300 because it had been discontinued. there was also a sale going on at the time making the dress a whopping $250. besides all that, it was pretty much exactly what i wanted.

i tried it on.

i stared at myself in the mirror.

i called my mom.

i bought it.

now it's someone else's turn. i hope they're good to it.


Christy said...

that is a gorgeous dress, Andie! do we get to see a picture of you in it? or must we just imagine the beauty?

andiewade said...

unfortunately i don't have any digital wedding pictures. i guess that was way back in the days of film.

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Are you selling it?