Tuesday, November 18, 2008

grown-up conversations

me: "who is your best friend, rachel?" (i fully expected a response of either "gabrielle" or "gracie." instead i get...)

rachel: "caleb." (caleb is gabrielle and gracie's little brother)

me: "caleb?"

r: "mm-hm."

me: "well that's nice. so who is your FAVORITE friend?" (i wanted to make sure she understood my question.)

r: "abraham." (he's the littlest brother)

me: "abraham?"

r: "mm hm."

me: "do you like them because they're boys?"

r: "mm hm. they're MY boys."


in other news, lucas is 9 months old today. we're currently checking on some possible camera purchases on craig's list, so hopefully we'll soon have pictures to put up again!

he also has perfected playing "soooo big!" and said his first word last night. i'm serious. i dropped his burp cloth and he very clearly said, "UH OH!"

super genius.


Kristi said...

Don't you just love conversations with little kids? Some of the things they say, TOO cute!!

And holy smolies he is a super genius baby!! That's crazy!!! My babies can't even say those things yet!!

Christy said...

Aw, he said "uh oh"! Thats so cute. Although, when the cute wears off, it will strike terror in your heart wondering what he has gotten in to... at least, thats the way it was with my two munchkins!

Hannah Attaway said...

Such a sweet moment. I can't wait until DeLaynie is talking in complete sentences, or maybe I can. She may not be as cute as your adorable Rachel. She'll probably go around saying things that I don't want to hear.