Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Angel

well we had a wonderful road trip with the kids and my in-laws. i'll share more about our adventures and new pictures (taken with our new camera!!) later, but i just wanted to share this story.

this past saturday morning, we woke up in asheville, nc. the plan was to go to the biltmore estate that morning. i, being the only one besides the kids that had never been there, was especially excited. we were supposed to be on the grounds at 9:15 and we were running late. i was getting a little worried when 9:15 came and went and we were still driving around historic asheville (gorgeous) and not knowing exactly where the stately mansion lay. we were waiting at a stoplight in a lane to go straight. lucas was probably crying. we were all speculating which way the majestic biltmoreness could possibly be when little rachel pops up with, "we need to turn right here." now, it's not unusual for her to try to be a backseat driver with such phrases as "turn this way!" "no, not there!" "faster, faster!" so i didn't take too much notice.

we go straight.

chuck said, "wouldn't it be really weird if we were really supposed to turn that way?"

we turned around when going straight was producing no fruit. it turned out rachel was right. we turned down the rachel way and we basically fell through the front door.

so that was pretty funny and chuck asked, "how did you know to go that way, sweetie?"

rachel said something to the effect of "that's what the birdie told me."


me: "what does the birdie look like?"

rachel: "an angel."


by the way, happy thanksgiving!

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