Tuesday, March 03, 2009


i was busy having all kinds of super fun with my kids this morning when i was hit with a brief and brilliant blog post i should do today.

now that i'm at my computer, i can't remember anything about it.

mommy brain: 87,946. andie: 36.

it's really a shame because it would have been soaking wet with wit and riotous humor.

blast you, mommy brain, bane of my riotous humor!

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Hannah Attaway said...

What is it with Mommy Brain? Doctors really should look into it. It has to be a real neurological issue. It hasn't just robbed me of more than a few moments of glory for myself, a good number of decent-looking meals that burned, and my all A final semester of college, but it's now taken away the rolling-on-the-floor hilarity I am sure would have occurred if you could have remember the lost post. Maybe you'll remember it soon.