Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cookies Batch #1

last week, i concluded my engagement working child care at the MOPS at north wake church in wake forest. they gave all the teachers christmas parting gifts, which i found very sweet and thoughtful, considering it was there that i encountered the most obnoxious children i've ever come in contact with... and i've been around some obnoxious ones before. the chrsitmas cd leaves much to be desired, but that didn't surprise me. i was very excited, however, to discover a jar full of carefully measured out and aesthetically layered cookie ingredients. genius! i couldn't wait to get to work and make our first batch of christmas cookies!

i am not a baker. i'm not even a cook. i just don't enjoy making edible things. however, i'm all about eating them. i'm also all about planning constructive activities to do with my 3 year old. and here was one that required no thought or baking talent whatsoever!

(it's also the time of year that i actually don't completely mind making cookies. i mean, eating cookies at christmas time is just worth the effort.)

all my easy-as-pie ingredients... for cookies. not pie.

the contents of the pretty jar post-rachel-pouring-them-out. (i'd also like to give an honorable mention to this lovely mixer i had to borrow from my very own angey price. yes, she's my neighbor and not yours. i have her for the rest of the month as my neighbor. so lay off.)

the finished product: chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

our "central asian" tea pot is also pictured here. there was no stopping it. it really likes attention.


Christy said...

I wanna come over and have some tea and cookies!
and Rachel's sweater is cuteness :)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Your camera is GREAT! What kind did you get again??

Love all the pictures!

andiewade said...

ummmm i know it's a canon for sure. i think there's a "L2" in the title. it's not the latest model b/c i know there's an L3, but the L2 is pretty darn sweet.