Thursday, September 01, 2011


i've discovered the fly lady

in the past, i've always tried to figure out some kind of good cleaning schedule... and failed miserably. i just can't seem to get in the habit of following a schedule, but i know that if it ever clicks, it'll be great and will help me keep up with my house as life happens.

of course, we just moved into a furnished place for the time being and our personal possessions only consisted of 8 suitcases. so i really don't have clutter to deal with. i don't have any closets to clean out (except for some of my kids' clothes that i'm noticed are getting too small) and i certainly don't have anything to put in a yard sale pile. (yay!) but i really want to develop some good habits.

fly lady sends out emails every day, but she encourages you not to read them until you get through her 31 baby steps (i'm only on baby step #5, so i can't vouch for the emails yet). i thought the baby steps would be something to do/clean in my house each day, but they're not. their purpose is to help you form habits. day 1 is all about shining your sink.

and here's my shiny sink!

so far the first 5 days are just building the habit of keeping a shiny sink and getting dressed each morning. slow and steady wins the race, right?

this is what i need because i'm definitely the person that jumps head first into a new routine, slips in one aspect, and then gives up everything. go shine your sink!


Joy for the Seasons said...

I love the Fly lady. I hate how I cannot stick to it. Maybe I will be encouraged by your venture with her!

Hannah Attaway said...

I tried the Flylady, and I worked really hard to keep my sink shined. There was a promise that it would greet me like a hug in the morning, but I discovered that my precious husband managed to re-fill it every morning before I woke up. So much for the lady of the fly! I have found a pretty good balance for our home that includes improvement and plateaus, but anything that puts that much pressure on any one chore just isn't going to work around these here parts. I really do hope that it fits your household system better than it did my own.

andiewade said...

when we were overseas i worked hard to get in the habit of doing my dishes before bed each night (which was no small task b/c we had no dishwasher). i just have a thing about dishes sitting there. if my sink is empty, then i feel like i'm doing ok (just don't look at the rest of my house). and here we have a dishwasher. so some nights i can just hide my dirty dishes from sight. so i consider myself without excuse. so i think that's why i'm really into this chore (and for the record, this is the only daily chore she's put on me so far). it fits in with what i already try to do. also for the record, there are still nights when i go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, on the days when i just can't keep my eyes open anymore (and these days that's like 9:00). but i have to admit i feel ickier in the morning b/c of it.