Wednesday, June 15, 2011

what's in your freezer?

i mentioned a while ago that cooking is pretty much my nemesis. so far i haven't built up to my 3 week meal plan like i had hoped. i've been sticking to one week at a time. but i do still desire to figure out my family's food situation for longer stretches of time. now that we're back in the states and i have a lot more ingredients a lot more readily available, i'm hoping to get some inspiration in this area!

i did manage to get a little inspiration from this post over at simplehomeschool, so i thought i'd share the wealth. while we were overseas and attending language school 5 days a week, i got into trying to have one or two meals already prepared in the freezer. on the days i got home from school a little earlier i'd make a double batch of whatever i was making and pop it in the freezer for next week. this way, i had a consistent flow of meals moving in and out of my freezer. it definitely made life so much easier. now i just need to locate the motivation to dive back in to this world of meal/kitchen/grocery shopping organization.

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Jessica said...

We love some freezer meals at our house. I used to be a part of a freezer meal swap... it is still happening in this area if you are interested. Anyway, this is the blog from the meal swap in case you need any more recipes.