Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's weekend

we've never been big on the valentine's day celebrations. when we were engaged, my hubby (then fiance) got me flowers and a huge cheesy heart balloon that made me smile a big cheesy smile, and for our first married valentine's hubby made me a surprise dinner (and we had just found out the day before we were on our way to being parents). since then, we usually snuggle up with a movie, eat extra chocolate, and call it a regular day.

this year, however, we had some friends volunteer to watch our kids for an entire 24 hour period. now that's a good way to celebrate valentine's! here's how we celebrated...

we stayed in a schmancy hotel (for a surprisingly un-schmancy price) in a nice part of our city. this was one of those places we knew we just didn't quite belong, but we managed to make ourselves comfortable.

we went to an even schmancier chinese restaurant for dinner. now please understand, you just don't find chinese food (let alone good chinese food) here. there's a good reason this place was able to be called 'the chinese restaurant.'

sweet and sour chicken with a side of fried rice. washed down with a slice of caramel cheesecake and a caramel mocha. bliss.

the weather was fantastic and we strolled, strolled, and strolled some more. we even took a paddle boat ride. i mean, how valentinesy is that?

walking down by the water in our beautiful city in february in sunny 60 degree weather? yes, please.

just may have been the most perfect valentine's day celebration in the history of the world and the universe.


Jill said...

Wow!!! So happy for you, Andie, that you experienced such an amazing Valentines weekend!!

Eric and I went to a conference at church: The Art of Marriage. It was put on by FamilyLife and really well done.

Enjoyed your pictures.
Take care,Jill

Jessica said...

How wonderful! What good friends.