Thursday, January 27, 2011

a toddler and a rehearsal dinner

~originally posted 6/9/2007. rachel was 20 months old.

so yeah, we went to wade cameron's rehearsal dinner last night.

we strapped rachel into her handy little booster seat in between us. they brought her out a special plate of waffle fries and chicken tenders (plus dipping sauces, which were soon taken away... by me).

so rachel digs into her meal, plus some fruit, plus a roll, picking all kinds of stuff off of our plates too, not to mention lots of sweet tea in her little kiddy cup with a straw. everyone at the table is saying how cute she is and "oh, she must keep you on your toes."

and cue, from my daughter's mouth, the most horrendous belch you've ever heard. it wasn't one of those belches that was like "oh, that's funny and slightly embarassing" but more like "um, is she going to throw up?"

and then she threw up.

everything she had eaten.

which was a lot.

as soon as she was done, she dug right back into her bread roll again like nothing had happened. everyone at the table then stopped commenting on how beautiful and sweet she was. they just starting talking to another couple about their two dogs.

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