Monday, December 13, 2010

sweet rachel originals

in an earlier post, i referenced my mother-in-law's dress-making skills. (check it out here.) since christmas day is quickly approaching (what? next week?) i thought i'd share more about my mother-in-law, peggy, her work, and her aforementioned incredible dress-making skills, just in case you know a little girl (or a little girl with a doll) that needs a fantastic dress.

after rachel was born, peggy started her own dress-making company named sweet rachel originals. she participates in a LOT of craft fairs in a bunch of different states. she makes gorgeous, hand-made, high-quality, original dresses for little girls. after a couple years she started adding doll clothes to her business. you should absolutely check out some of the adorable things she has to offer here.

i have to admit, my favorite part about sweet rachel originals is that our sweet rachel gets whatever dress she wants for any occasion. here are some examples from over the years:

this was my absolute most favorite dress on the planet. and yes, it was hand-made.

every girl needs that perfect summertime dress.

our sweet rachel, 18 months and looking fabulous

i wanted rachel to be alice in wonderland for halloween a couple years ago. i think it turned out pretty well!

the perfect christmas dress for a 3-year old!

her easter bunny jumper

told you she was good.


Joy for the Seasons said...

Love them! They're like the dresses I wore when I was itty bitty.

Side note: Kerry just walked by the computer and said "Ohhhh Mommy...R! Is she still in {overseas}?" :o)

andiewade said...

awww, hi kerry!

and yes, i wore dresses like these, too!