Tuesday, November 02, 2010

a lesson in generosity (and i wasn't the teacher)

a little while back, rachel and i were working on learning this bible verse:

God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

a natural activity that springs to mind is picking something out to give away. we have a neighbor that watches a little 18 month old girl during the days, so i thought rachel could pick out something to give to her. i gave her full responsibility of going in her room, in her closet, and picking out a suitable present for our little friend. i have to admit, i completely expected her to come out with something ratty and almost (if not completely) broken.

that did not turn out to be the case.

rachel came out with one of her favorite baby dolls dressed in a hand-made dress that was made by her grandma.

now, wait a minute...

so i explained again that we are giving this away forever and will never see it again and is she really sure about this?? yup. turns out she was sure. rachel then explained to me that she thought her friend would like her doll because she liked it so much and her friend would be happy that her grandma had made that dress.**

this was one of those amazing days when i thought i had all the answers my child needed to live and grow, and it just so happened that she understood the lesson much more deeply than i did. who's the cheerful giver, now?

rachel posing with her cabbage patch doll wearing a different grandma-made dress, her teddy bear sporting a grandma-made shirt and one of lucas's socks, and her new sweater and pants i bought her at our local bazaar for a total of about $7. not too shabby.

**more on these beautiful dresses to come!

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Mom-mode said...

this is soooo sweet Andie. Thanks for sharing!