Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a new direction

you know what i would love? i'd love to have one of those mommy blogs. you know which ones i'm talking about.

one of THOSE.

one of those where i'm the mommy expert who is changing a diaper, fixing a healthy dinner, setting a broken leg, planning the next 5 years of homeschooling all the while blogging about my top 10 potty training tips and hosting my latest giveaway. i would love that. or, i'd love to know how to do all that so i could have a chance to blog about it. that's a better way to phrase it. but unfortunately, i'm not good at any of those things... i'm not even good at blogging. i just have big ideals!

but i had an inspiration. that inspiration comes from the fact that i've started some real-live homeschooling with my almost 5 year old this year, and we're having a blast! but it seems like the more i read about homeschooling and try to plan fun and educational things, the more i realize i have no idea what i'm doing. so instead of a blog that tells you how to homeschool, mop your floor, stock your freezer, and go green, i thought this could be a space where i can ask YOU what you do. how do you get it done? how do you get organized when you realize you aren't getting it all done? what's been successful and what's been disastrous? and as i research and experiment and try not to mess up my kids, i'll share my journey with you.

in short, i openly admit i don't know what i'm doing. do you feel like that, too? let's feel like that together and get through this crazy adventure of mothering, housekeeping, and homeschooling together.


Tsh said...

Hey now... Just because someone has giveaways on their blog and writes about 10 tips for potty training doesn't actually mean they know what they're doing. ;)

Angela said...

I routinely find that if I get to a point where I feel I have gained a level of expertise in ANY of the above mentioned aspects of mommyhood, I should be bracing for the soon-coming evidence that I, in fact, am clueless. :o)