Sunday, January 02, 2011

our busy lives

the new year is bringing with it a very busy january. we're going to be traveling for most of this month for my husband's school program (and a little vacation time for us thrown in there, too).

so i had the sudden inspiration to use this time to revisit some of my favorite posts. if you're new to my blog, they'll all be new! nothing very structured and informative, just fun. i'll be able to check in to moderate your comments (they make me feel so loved! please leave me a comment!), and i plan to be back to posting regularly next month.

so happy 2011 to you all! i hope all your new years' resolutions last more than 2 weeks and 2011 blows 2010 out of the water (in a good way).


Joy for the Seasons said...

Kerry still says "{gasp}It's R!" whenever she sees your sweet girl's face on the computer. :o) Happy travels this month!

andiewade said...

sweet girl! tell her we'll see her for real at the beginning of the summer :).