Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more of the children!

i recently realized i hadn't been doing much updating about my actual babies here on "babies having babies." i figured you're most likely coming here to see pictures of beautiful children. i mean, why wouldn't you?

these kids are really growing up. i think i've been blinking too much lately. rachel is really enjoying our new home. she loves our apartment (just like her mother), she loves our balconies, she loves hot tea, and she's loving the neighbors that we've met so far, even though she has no idea what they're saying to her.
our 3 year and 10 month old is yearning to read. i got a book from a friend about teaching little ones to read in 15 minutes a day. i thought we could give it a try when her birthday rolls around. she's very excited to be 4 and start to learn to read :). she also loves to color and draw. that's how she spends the majority of her day. and what's really exciting for me is that her "pictures" are starting to look like actual pictures. i can tell the rainbow from the tree and the tree from the dog. i brought some little preschool activity books from the states and we've been working our way through those~colors, shapes, numbers, opposites... what do you know? i'm a homeschool mom.

bubbs is a boy. very very very much a boy. he's active and loud and silly and wonderful. he climbs on everything, and i don't just mean the coffee table. i mean onto the top of the couch and then actually scales his way down the side, like a mountain climber evolved from a monkey. this kid's only 17 months old. the difference between boys and girls is absolutely hilarious. lucas notices our new home much less than rachel, obviously. he's got mommy, daddy, and milk, so he's good to go. he is a huge fan of all the stray cats and dogs we come across every day. he decided to pop in 2 new teeth this week (and he's been a happier boy every since).
our kids have become hide and seek champions. it's the new family game of choice in the wade household.
they've also made a new lifestyle choice. my children are confirmed nudists. since it's 100 degrees outside and our home is only air conditioned in one room (and not the bedrooms), i've been letting it slide. if we're home, you can guarantee my children are naked. i keep trying to prepare rachel for the fateful day when it starts getting cooler and she will, indeed, have to sleep in some form of clothing.
and pictures of lucas continue to get blurrier and blurrier.
we're about to embark on the search for a preschool for our little ones for a few days out of the week where they can play with kids their own age and soak up a new language through playtime.

our babies become more and more un-babies every day before my very eyes. they sure are a hassle and a lot of work, and the messes they can cook up are unbelievable... but they sure are fun. ;)


The Byrd's Nest said...

They do seem to grow up too quickly. Lottie loves to be nakie! lol

You all seem to be adjusting so well...we continue to pray for your transition and your language. I pray you find the right place for them to have many friends. They will be speaking the language before you will! My girls already know Spanish songs just from being in summer school for two weeks;)

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful that your children are thriving in a new home and culture!!! What a blessing :-)

What is the name of the book you're using to teach Rachel to read? I'm getting ready to start a "preschool" curriculum for Avery since she's four and we can't afford an actual preschool. I've been considering buying some of those preschool books as well to supplement the program I'm working with.

Love hearing about how you all are doing!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thank you for taking the time to update this blog. I loved reading about your children's many new firsts!

Jason and Kathleen said...

wow....Rachel's artwork is great! How neat to observe the differences in your kids. You guys are missed!!