Saturday, June 13, 2009

shippin' out

the time is quickly approaching. in a week, our feet will officially have left american soul (and will be hovering over the atlantic... i try not to dwell on that too much. i have issues with anti-gravitational things.)

i feel like we've lived a whole live since we moved here at the end of the april. we've met some amazing people, heard amazing things, and grown in the Lord in amazing ways. over all, it's been a very good time. i've started trying to brace rachel for the reality of leaving her teachers this week, and each time i bring it up she's about to burst into tears. these kids have had an absolute blast.


Nicole Day said...

Andie, I've been a closet blog stalker for quite some time now and am not ashamed to admit it! You're kids are adorable :) I'd like to follow your new blog after you guys ship out, so i'm giving you my email address. (this is nicole day by the way).

I wish you all the very very best in your new adventure to come!!

Ronnica said...

I'd love to read it and keep up with you all. Email's ronnica (at) ignoranthistorian (dot) com.

I look forward to seeing you guys on the otherside in a few months!

Hannah Attaway said...

Dear friend, I am so glad that you are finally going to make it. Someone had to, and I'm glad that someone is you (and the family with ya.) We love you and are thinking about you in a very spiritual way (I would say what I mean, but it could cause some security problems).