Monday, April 06, 2009

glimpses of Truth

after returning from our final MOPS meeting, i asked rachel what she learned in her class.

rachel: "i don't know."

me: "well, did you hear any stories?"

r: "yes."

me: "what was the story about?"

r: "Jesus."

me: "what did Jesus do in the story?"

r: "He died on the cross and went like this." *holds her hands out to the sides to look like Jesus on the cross*

me: "oh, then what happened?"

r: *in her pretend scared/sad voice... she's very dramatic, don't know where she got that* "they put Him in a scary cave."

me: "they put Him in the tomb?"

r: *scared/sad voice* "yeah."

me: "well then what happened?"

r: *back to normal voice* "then He got up and had to put bandaids on His hands."

me: "He had boo-boos on His hands?"

r: "yeah."

me: "but He was all better, right? He rose from the grave."

r: "yeah!"

me: "that's such good news! He saved us from our sins!"

r: "i want Him in my heart. i want Jesus in my heart."

me: *stunned into awed silence. there might have been a tear. there's no way to tell for sure.*

******much later that day******

rachel: "i want to go to Jesus... and i want lucas to come, too."

(now i'm not doing a jig up and down the street proclaiming that my 3 year old accepted Christ, but i'm pretty excited she at least seems to be on the right path to one day understanding... if she doesn't already... but i'm truly assuming she doesn't. i mean, she's 3. but man, what a great kid.)


Hannah Attaway said...

It's definitely a jig-worthy event, no matter the eternal status. She's on her way, that's for sure. She may be a spiritual prodigy.

Anonymous said...

that is awesome! Avery told me the other day that Anabel (baby sister) was with Jesus...I was like, umm, no she's not. I wonder if there wasn't some scheming going on.

Shannon Bradley said...

That's so awesome...

Anonymous said...

Andie, that's so sweet! It's so wonderful to hear the truth that is being instilled in a sweet little one!