Thursday, March 05, 2009

need a car?

cuz we're selling one.

silver 2004 dodge intrepid for $4000
automatic transmission
heat/ac works fabulously
am/fm/cd player
air bags
power windows
power locks/remote locks
power drive side seat
cruise control
ginormous trunk

basically, a really good car that we're only selling because we can't fit this thing in any of our 8 suitcases. i hear there are "weight limits." and in case you were wondering, the bluebook value is $4200, so we're just trying to look out for ya.

i've never tried, but i have it on good authority that i could fit my entire family of 4 into this trunk. it's ridiculous. i might just try it and let you watch if you buy this car... if you want... if it makes you more inclined to buy... which would be weird... but if it helps you make your decision, i'll do it... seriously...

(but seriously, if you know anyone that's looking for a car, please think of me and send them my way!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's nice. We actually do need another car but alas we don't have the cash. :-(

Cliff said...

Um...if I can get enough trade-in value on my car (which has a car payment until next February) I would be very interested in this...