Thursday, March 19, 2009

my little girl's all grown up

rachel pamela has quite the crush.

on logan voigt. a little boy in her sunday school class.

this is nothing new. she's been telling me for a few months now (months is a lot of time for a 3 year old) that she's going to marry him.

i've gotten reports from her sunday school teachers that rachel often sits by him and whenever they line up, she'll wait to see where logan stands and squeeze in next to him.

last sunday night, she took special care to tell me about how she sat next to logan during snack in cubbies. they "were telling silly jokes" together.

the following pictures are of my grown up girl picking some wild daffodils. after she picked a really nice looking bouquet, she informed me she was holding them so she'll be ready to marry logan.

so, it's very serious. logan's a very sweet little boy, so if my 3 year old daughter must have a crush, i approve of her choice. her daddy is a very different story.


Christy said...

that is so cute.

Emily told me she has a boyfriend too. But, it seems it is just a light crush, not as serious as Rachel is!

The Townleys said...

That might be the cutest thing I've heard all week. :-) As long as she doesn't bring home one of those boys who is selling baby tylenol on the streets, I'd say you're okay. (You gotta watch those kids. Next thing you know, they're hitting the Motrin).