Friday, January 30, 2009


oh my goodness. 3 weeks without internet. it wasn't fun. at first, it was really annoying. then it got to the point where i got used to it and didn't think about the fact that i hadn't checked my email. but now, this evening, i have been reveling in sheer online-ness. i had the kids in bed promptly by 8:00 so i could watch 'house' whilst getting caught up on everyone's blogs... it took a long time. but since chuck probably won't be home from work til about 3am, i feel quite content to sit here in my pjs, eat chocolate, and blog.

oh, thank you. it's good to be back.

since you all have been deprived of the beauty and charming personalities of my children, i'm posting some recent pictures from this past month.

little man was very busy busting out 4 teeth. yes. he went from 0 to 4. this picture is from when he had one bottom tooth and one top tooth directly above. it took me 21 pictures to get one where you could even vaguely see even 1 tooth. enjoy.

i see this every day without fail. there is no remedy. good thing it's cute.

chuck's glasses finally kicked the bucket. they weren't squashed or sat on. they actually just fell apart when he picked them up once. he's had them since before we got married, so that means he saw me walking down the aisle and the births of both of our children through them. i think i was sadder than he was.

she's pretty.

mommy's big helpers

i didn't pose this. i stumbled upon it. i think she innately knows what's cute... cuz she's so darn cute.

i still have plans for random holiday pictures. no worries.


Caleb and Adrienne said...

SO good to have you back! You were missed!!

Hannah Attaway said...

Yea! You're back. Dee has plumber pants issues too. We've tried belts. No go. I think duct tape would work, but I can't keep her still long enough to get it right. Elle's had two teeth for several months, but the next ones are giving her fits. Poor her. Poor me. :)

Anonymous said...

I, too, witness the plumber bum on a regular basis!