Wednesday, December 10, 2008

By the way...

may i introduce our wonderful new camera we got through craig's list before thanksgiving. we got it for about $400 cheaper than the retail price and it's wonderful. these are some pictures i took as soon as i got home with it, trying to figure some of the many gadgets out. enjoy.


sooooo big!

peanut butter sandwich and milk. the lunch of champions. (and what my daughter is completely made of.)

this is me being amazed that i don't need a flash to get a room full of light! (did you ever notice how all my pictures looked really dark? yeah. you could shine a flood light and it would've looked dark. this picture below is with no flash and it's bright bright bright!)

a brian waugh original painting :)

"stop taking pictures and get me out of this blasted chair!"

"say cheese, mommy!"

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