Friday, December 19, 2008

big girl milestones

we had a milestone in our house yesterday. rachel is officially getting herself dressed and undressed now. i haven't dressed my daughter in a full day and a half. yesterday morning she announced to me that she wanted to "get dressed all by herself." of course i said she could, but i fully expected her to come to me a minute later all tangled up in her sleeves with the shirt stuck over her head, her legs both in the same pant leg, and a sock on her ear.

but she didn't.

she came out fully dressed and i only had to untwist her pants a little.

last night at bedtime i wondered if she would actually accomplish it again. i simply said, "rachel, go get your pjs on." i didn't even get them out for her. she did it. well, i had to help her out of her shirt b/c it's a little small, but that's it. she actually told me "please close the door and go away so i can get dressed."

and again this morning, i put her daytime clothes on her bed for her. she politely asked me to "go away" and emerged a couple minutes later ready for the day... with her shirt on backwards. but hey. it happens to the best of us.

the baby is officially gone.


Christy said...

Looks like she likes pink. which means my Emily will love her. What is it with this age and pink?

Anonymous said...

Hey Andie! I don't know you really but we have some of the same friends at church. I just wanted to say I can relate to that "go away" feeling from my daughter too. At night she gives ME a kiss, strokes my face, and says night night mommy! Sad, really...when your 3 year old is telling YOU goodnight instead of the other way around!