Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i thought a look back at the wade 2008 was an appropriate post today, since that's just the kind of thing you do on december 31. so what were we up to all year?

for starters, our family increased by one. little lucas came to stay.

my poor body went from pregnant, to nursing, to finally no longer sustaining another human.

i went from a full-time working mother of one to a stay at home mother of two.

and i learned how to be a mother of two, in the first place. i'm still trying to get the hang of this, honestly.

i potty-trained my daughter.

chuck and i got to be in a little mystery dinner play our church put on. it was a much needed theatre fix, on my end.

we completed our incredibly, ridiculously thorough application process for going overseas.

we moved into the basement of our church's parsonage.

we sold/gave away just about all our worldly possessions trusting we'd get the go-ahead at going overseas.

i started playing with the raleigh civic symphony and nc state.

i also got to take a little women's class at the seminary (and it had childcare!)

chuck quit seminary and then decided to go back.

our overseas timeline almost got pushed back, but chuck saved the day. but then we went to conference and got pushed back anyway.

chuck switched full time jobs.

we got to do some traveling with family and friends.

earlier this year, it took about $4/gallon to fill up my gas tank. this morning, it took $18.35 total.

so those are the big ones. all in all, not your typical year at all. but we've definitely felt God's guidance through everything, which is essential in our current incredibly, unstable lifestyle.

happy new year!