Monday, November 03, 2008

but of course...

just when i get my kids all dressed up and precious for halloween, wouldn't you know, my camera broke. died. kicked the bucket. bought a farm. pushed up daisies. however you want to phrase it.

i just happened to have melissa cross's camera at my house (b/c i accidentally stole it from her the weekend before) so i took a million with hers. so i have a lot of great pictures... on her camera. so you'll just have to be patient, now, won't you?

we also attended good ol' campbell u's homecoming this past saturday and their very first homecoming football game. the game was abysmal (as we all expected) but seeing friends was so much fun. again, no camera for me. so i might just be stealing from other people's pictures they've posted on facebook or something to prove i was, indeed, there. at a football game.

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Caleb and Adrienne said...

It was great to see you this past week-end. We should get together for a play date sometime soon before your next move. I think Lucas and Ben would have fun together...and we could catch up. I would love yo talk about all our roomie memories again. Fun Times!

Betty (there is a picture of her on my blog with Katie) is going to that conference I think for IMB. Look for her =0)