Friday, October 31, 2008

some of my favorite rachel-isms *updated*

lemonade = "yellowmaid"

hamburger = "hangerbur" (pronounced hang-ger-bur)

lucas = lukey, lucas-ducas, sissy (we're still working on the brother/sister concept), looloo, koooney, tutu, koo-koo, and gooney boy (seriously)

whenever she pretends to cook me something, she makes "hot chick hot griddle." i have absolutely no idea what this is or could possibly be. today she expanded her menu to "potato hot griddle."

frisbee = "rollsbee"

noodles = "new-news"

her baby doll is named "kosey." (ko as in coat, sey as in the letter c)

fountain = "mountain"

popsicle = "bicycle"

cake and/or cupcake = "pupcake"

pretzel = "pretzicle"

just about my favorite sentence ever = "i love you this many much!"

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