Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i robbed walgreens

i've been meaning to brag about my very exciting walgreens purchases last week. i bought some loreal face cleasing wipes, 4 bags of halloween candy, pert plus shampoo, and some alka seltzer cold plus medicine. now, in drug stores, if you just go in and buy stuff without knowing what's on sale, it's super expensive. i never understood why people shopped there, but i now know.

well right off the bat i had $4.50 worth of coupons giving my purchases a total of $26.43. i then had another $8.56 off from my previous rebates that i got in the form of a gift card, bringing me to my final total of $17.87.

now you're probably thinking "andie, that's still not a great price." and you're right. but i'm not done.

some of the things i got have rebates. i get $4 back on the candy (meaning i spent $5 for 4 bags, which is pretty incredible). also, the loreal wipes are free after their rebate. they were $7.99. so i have $11.99 getting recharged to my gift card. this really brings my total to $5.86.

but there's more.

the cold medicine was $5, but it awarded me a coupon for $5 off my next purchase. so after i go get $5 worth of free stuff i will have spent $.86.

see? told you i robbed them. now i don't wonder "why do people shop there?" instead, i wonder "how do they stay in business?"

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Baughface said...

Hey Andie, after reading this post of yours I thought you might enjoy this blog:


She is crazy into the couponing and lining them up with sales, and rebates, and doing whole big scenarios at drug stores to get lots of stuff for super cheap and free. She even will post sample plans sometimes of her strategies. Have fun robbing Walgreens. ;)