Sunday, August 03, 2008

this is out last official day living here in our lovely townhouse. we are officially commencing move #1 (out of 4 over the next 8 months). our place is a complete wreck (try as i might, i'm just not a neat mover... i start out well, putting everything away prettily in boxes and then, for some reason, madness ensues).

yesterday afternoon our crazy landlady decided to have an open house for this girl who was interested in the apartment. i really don't remember the last time i've been that embarassed b/c this place is out of control. i don't know how she even could tell what this place really looks like. a simple heads up of "hey, someone's coming to look at the townhouse today" would have been awesome. then this afternoon, someone rings our doorbell asking if this is where the open house was. SERIOUSLY? we told the lady to go next door to crazy landlady land and she didn't come back over (i hope she didn't get abducted...). if someone comes by tomorrow, i'm going to make them help me move.

this is 6411 Andsley Drive, signing off.

thank you, and good night.

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Caleb said...


There is a section on Craig's list for pets that need to be "re-homed". Craig's list doesn't allow you to sell pets, but the rehoming section was our best "word of mouth" for Riley. We were VERY picky about who we sent him home with....

We also placed an ad in the newspaper. That attracted a lot of calls, too! When we put him in the paper, we were also able to put him picture on-line.

Hope this helps!