Thursday, August 14, 2008


now i know you're probably thinking "hey, there appears to be something about sports in the title. i MUST have the wrong blog!" well it turns out my little girl might just have a future in soccer (which will come in handy anyway with where we've moving overseas). rachel and i were playing outside and our play actually turned into a little miniature soccer game, or really just kicking a ball back and forth. rachel really impressed me with her running-while-kicking-the-ball skills ("dribbling" if you will) and i decided to join in the fun. however, if rachel really is to have a future in the sports world we'll have to iron out a few confusions that showed their silly faces today... like the fact that we were playing soccer in our open-toe sandals (i understand that's a big no-no), and that we were playing soccer with a basketball. of course, these aren't big deals when it's just a 2 year old running around and playing, but i knew there was a definite issue in need of addressing whenever she'd pause before kicking the ball and she'd yell "FOUR!" since this is a strictly no-sports-allowed household (as in mommy and daddy hate sports... except that daddy is being a traitor and getting into this "fantasy football" nonsense... no comment) i'm not really sure where she'd even pick this up to be confused about. but anyway, it gave me quite the laugh.

"i LOVE soccering!" ~rachel pamela

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Cliff said...

Hah! She pulled golf into it, too! Are you sure she didn't mean "fore?" Or maybe she was looking forward to when she turns four...or maybe that's how many miles she plans to punt the sucker...or...something else altogether.

Ah, childhood.