Monday, August 25, 2008


well, my daughter is now officially a pre-schooler. she was able to start cubbies last night at church (the pre-school version of awana). i didn't think she was old enough yet and since we're only here for a few more months i figured it wasn't a big deal if she stayed in puggles (the 2 year old class). but i found out last night that she's technically too young by only 2 days and they said she was welcome to start with the big kids :).

i got her registered super fast and walked her to her new "big girl" class (in her puggles shirt... oops). she cried when i dropped her off (which really never happens) but i guess going from a familiar little nursery room to the big open children's center room was pretty overwhelming. so i abandoned my crying child in her new class and went to go work in another nursery classroom for the night.

when i came to pick her up her teachers said she had a great time and she couldn't stop telling me about seeing cubby bear (there's a little puppet show each week) and couldn't stop showing me the stamp she got on her hand. i'm so proud :).

she is supposed to learn a verse each week and then tell it to her teachers at each meeting. if she does it she'll get little badges to put on her vest (see the vest being modeled by cubby bear). if she doesn't, who cares?

(not to brag or anything, but she's already learned her verse for this week! now if she'll actually say it in front of her new teacher is yet to be determined, but i'm sure she'll catch on at some point) :)

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Jason and Kathleen said...

well, as her puggles teacher, i was sad to see her go. i know she will do great in cubbies. those new 2 year olds sure were little compared to what we were used to!