Friday, July 11, 2008

An Intense Mommy Moment

my babies were napping, so i decided to walk the dog and check the mail at the same time. i'm not good at multi-tasking, but i try. in the mail, there was a letter from our church. they always send them out at this time of year if your child is being promoted to a new classroom, just so everyone knows where to drop their children off in august. well, this time, it was particularly jarring to me.

at the bottom of the letter, is distinctly says

"Rachel will be in the 3A class in room 102.
Lucas will be in the Crawlers class in room 107."

not only do i have a child in the 3 YEAR OLD CLASS, but my not-quite 5 month old (he will be 6 months then) is already getting promoted from the regular infant room. i seriously almost started crying right there. i'm putting the letter in the baby book. :)

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Caleb said...

time for a third =0)