Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wonderful Morning

i truly enjoy staying home with my children. it's a lot of work, it's very monotonous, dora the explorer insanely gets under my skin, but it's the best job in the world.

i try to get us out of the house every morning, if possible, to some degree. i had a fun morning planned today. i turned on the nick jr. cartoons for rachel while she was eating her breakfast. i try to not rely on the tv too much, but in the morning it's invaluable. it gives me a chance to get lucas up and dressed and fed and (some days) myself ready as well. plus, cartoons in the morning are just fun, right? this morning i got rachel dressed in her bathing suit b/c we were going to the mall to play in the squirty water fountain things. there were a lot of kids there already, but it wasn't too crowded. it took rachel a while to warm up to the idea of running around with a bunch of kids she didn't know, so she watched from the sidelines for a few minutes (a trait she definitely got from me). after about 5 minutes she was running around, getting soaked, and having a blast. i held lucas in my lap so he could watch the fun water and the big kids. i think he was a little bitter he couldn't join in, though we did get included at one point when this big kid was standing on one of the squirters, thus making it squirt lucas and me in the face when it went off. it was refreshingly cool, though lucas wasn't a huge fan.

after all the squirty water fun, we drove to a nearby starbucks (while listening and singing along with rachel to caedmon's call. yes, she sings in the car. she got that from me too!) where i officially sold my first piece of furniture to a nice lady thanks to craigslist. (this made the whole moving thing incredibly real.) i had a little starbucks gift card so we went inside to get rachel a chocolate milk and me a caramel mocha frappuccino (first one of the summer! mmmmmmm!!!!!). it was a fun mommy-and-kids date (though lucas slept through it).

when we got home it was lunchtime (actually past lunchtime) so rachel ate her new favorite for lunch, apple slices dipped in peanut butter and i fed lucas his big boy rice cereal.

then it was storytime and naptime.

now my babies are sleeping and i'm amazed that such a simple day could be soooo much fun (for me too not just rachel!). i love giving my kids a fun day (even though lucas doesn't care much yet). when you're on a tight budget it's pretty hard to think of things to do that don't cost money, but i'm working on it. luckily, it's pretty easy to entertain a 2 1/2 year old.

it's fun being a mom :).

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