Thursday, March 06, 2008

How are things going?

well. definitely pretty well. going from having 1 kid to 2 is definitely a huge adjustment... i'd say not quite as huge as from going from 0 to 1, but still a very significant adjustment. you'd think that having 2 kids would make everything take twice as long... you'd be wrong. it's more like 4 times as long. how is this mathematically possible? i don't know. but i still find it to be true.

lucas is a much easier baby than rachel was (which is WONDERFUL). he actually cries for reasons that i can pinpoint instead of just crying all the time. i deeply appreciate his communication skills in this area :). nursing is going well (another thing that i botched up the first time around). i am deeply regretting having quit it so soon with rachel now that i sort of know what i'm doing. the hardest part of the whole ordeal (and i knew it would be) is the lack of sleep. there's just no way to catch up on your rest. your body goes through this incredible, intense, excruciating, draining process of labor and delivery and all you want to do is rest after that... but guess what? now you have a baby that needs you all the time! even when you're in the hospital and have a nursery to send your baby to when you want to get some sleep (which i highly recommend doing, by the way), the nurses come and wake you up every couple hours to take your vitals, give you pain medication, and help you go pee (yes, you need help with this). and now that i have 2 kids, there's no "sleep when your baby sleeps," which is a huge bummer b/c lucas sleeps most of the time. but at least this time, i know that the exhaustion is temporary and i will actually get a full night's sleep again one day. this information is truly invaluable.

rachel absolutely loves her baby brother. she's constantly saying "awwww, hi lucas. he's so cute. hi baby. it's ok, baby. shhhhh, lucas is sleeping. i wanna kiss him," and my personal favorite, "oh no! my brother!" when lucas is crying. she loves to hug and kiss him, tickle his toes, and always wants to hold him in her lap. she's definitely a little mommy. she hasn't really shown much jealousy, but she has been much more clingy and whiny with chuck and me. but hey, getting a younger sibling is a big ordeal, so i'm cutting her a little slack.

well, i hope this is coherent. i don't have the energy to read it all over. if it doesn't make sense, i apologize.

yet to come: the labor story (NOT for the faint of heart...)


The Townleys said...

K, Please do me a favor and warn me when the labor story is posted. I don't want to read it until AFTER I've gone through mine. (Due date tomorrow...not holding out any hope though).
I'm so glad to hear everything is going well! I'm sure you're exhausted but just think- you could be where I am! dun Dun DUN! I miss having pregnant friends!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thanks for the update! I am so happy that things are going so well. Thanks again for all your advice when I was super sleep deprived! You're will sleep again =0)