Monday, March 17, 2008

Bragging Rights

so i took lucas to the doctor this morning for his 1 month check-up (can not BELIEVE he's one month old tomorrow!). this little champ has gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks. that's freakin' a lot! he's 10 1/2 pounds now! i guess i need to stop worrying if he's getting enough to eat or not...

the doctor also commented on what a great big sister rachel is. when lucas was lying on the table and fussing while the doctor poked him, rachel climbed up on a stool so she could hold his hand. i mean, how sweet can you get?

also, for the past couple night's he's been doing a 5 hour stretch in between 2 feedings. it took rachel another month and a half to get to that point. (for any moms out there who want to shoot me for this, please refer to my entries following rachel's birth. i think i deserve a break this time.)

and in fun news, chuck and i met 7 years ago today, thanks to bethany anne lind mendenhall. i thought he was a cool junior (i was a little freshman at the time), and he thought i talked too much. :)


The Townleys said...

Congrats on the feeding! I'm dealing with Little Miss Angry Panties over here for most of the nights... she definitely has them mixed up. Sooooo sleeeeeepy!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

I don't want to shoot you =0) even though we never know what kind of sleep we are going to get with Ben each night. I'm holding out that when we start rice cereal, things will change =0)!

I am so happy for you with the feeding!! It gives me hope that things may be different with my second one. You definitly deserve an easy going child since you have TWO of them!