Friday, February 15, 2008


in case you're wondering, i'm still here, still pregnant, still great with child, still incredibly uncomfortable, still technically mother of only a 2 year old. i'm due tomorrow. yesterday through tomorrow is my "convenient time to have a child" time... and that time is already half gone... which makes me nervous. i really thought i was in labor last night and i got pretty excited about it. at about 11:30pm i started having pretty decent contractions every 6 minutes until 1:45am. at that point, they just stopped. nothing. they were gone. all that relaxing and breathing and timing and making a mental list of what still needed to go in my hospital bag, all for nothing. i mean, if i must have painful contractions, can they at LEAST be the real thing? i could have used that time for sleeping... an activity that i will soon be deprived of for at least 2 months. it just seems a little cruel. all i'm sayin'.

some other major events that have gone on in the past few weeks:

2 weeks ago we rushed up to suffolk, virginia b/c chuck's dad suffered a pretty major stroke. it was a very scary time. but he had an amazing recovery over that weekend. he went from bleeding on the brain friday morning to eating scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast on sunday. he has since moved out of the ICU and been doing some physical and speech therapy, and should be sent home pretty soon. hopefully he'll be able to hold his grandson very very VERY soon!

well, this might not be major, but it was pretty upsetting to me. last saturday evening, our dog nan ran away. she's a husky, and if anyone knows anything about huskies, they love to run and not look back. we're living in a very busy suburban area now and losing a dog next to all these major roads is pretty nerve wracking. she didn't come back that night and chuck and i slept downstairs in the den with the hopes of hearing a scratch at the door... no luck. on monday morning i called around to animal shelters and found a website where you can post about lost and found pets... LUCK! a really nice lady picked her up and took great care of her for us. so she's back... for now...

hopefully my next post will have something in it like "he's here" or "here's lucas" or "he finally came out". well, let's just say i'm not planning on posting again until i can say something along those lines... so hopefully i'll post again in like 15 hours... but i'm not holding my breath.

bring on the pain, let's have a baby!!


Caleb and Adrienne said...

I'm sending Labor Dust your way! I'm so happy you posted...I was thinking about you!

Ronnica said...

Praying for him to come SOON. Now, preferably. Try to update facebook when you finally head to hospital so that we can be praying.

The Townleys said...

I am with you! I'm full term today and MAN, I'm ready for this kid to be born already!!!