Monday, February 18, 2008

i've always felt extreme pity for those poor pregnant women who have all kinds of contractions, go to the doctor in hopes of being sent on to the hospital, but end up being sent home instead only to face another day of being pregnant.

i am now one of these poor souls.

i had very strong contractions from midnight until 7 am this morning. yup. all night. hardly any sleep for me. with dawn's early light, i guess the contractions decided my hopes were then high enough to be smashed to pieces. the contractions went away. i went to the doctor this morning to learn that i'm 4 cm dilated, 90% effaced, and the kid's head is practically out of me. the doctor didn't really know why i wasn't in active labor since i've progressed so far. he stripped my membranes for me (which i heard was an incredibly painful experience... really don't see it) to hopefully help push me over the edge and sent me home... only after giving me the ridiculously disappointing news of "if nothing continues to happen, we'll induce you next monday." yes. NEXT monday. when i got into my car, i just had to cry.

my womb must rival buckingham palace or something b/c my children never seem to want to leave it.

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Adrienne said...

that's funny the buckingham place comment :)