Monday, June 25, 2007

i was hungry, so i heated up a leftover piece of pepperoni pizza. mm mmm!

i heated it up a little too much, so i sat it on the desk next to me to cool as i perused my many junk emails on the computer and also talked to chuck on the phone (who is getting my oil changed at walmart b/c that's just the kind of great guy he is). i notice some little sticky fingers out of the corner of my eye, so i turn. and my little sticky fingered girl was picking off my precious pepperonis and eating them!

so i decided to dig into my pizza before it was too late. i eat hungrily for about 1/2 through the slice. then something shiny on the computer screen distracts me, forcing me to again place my pizza back onto the plate.

coming out of my daze, i look to my pizza again for snuggly tummy comfort.... and it's gone. GONE! not meaning to seem suspicious or anything, i look to where rachel is lounging in her little girl foamy arm chair (with flames on the sides b/c she's that cool). she is laid back and relaxed, one leg reclined over a flaming side, with an almost completely devoured piece of pizza in her hand and pizza sauce all around her mouth. she then gives me a sheepish smile that communicates "well, mom, you weren't eating it...."


The Cobra said...

Let this be a lesson to you about the many benefits of Cold Pizza

The Townleys said...

Dude. I totally love you.