Thursday, January 11, 2007

I miss school

t's that time of year when people who go to some form of school are heading back. so you hear a lot about starting classes and new books and new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils.

i miss all that.

at first i just thought that i missed going to school at campbell with all my friends (which i do very much). but since then i've sat in on a few classes at southeastern in which i didn't know a soul and i really enjoyed it and i actually wished i was getting a grade. also, as more years get in between my graduation from college and my present life, the missing isn't so much lessening as it is the thought has entered my mind that maybe it's not just campbell i miss, but school in general. yes it's stressful and sometimes tedious and bibliographies get on my nerves like almost nothing else, but i still wish i was doing it.

now the thing is i can't really say "i wish i was going to school to learn to do *blank*." there's not one particular thing i want to go study (though i can name a few i'd like to not study...). i just want to study. i just want to be a student. i just want to put highlighter marks in my new textbook and study for a test. yes, that's how big a nerd i am. and i'm proud of it.

now you're probably thinking, "well good grief, andie. just freakin' go back to school." well, i would, but we can't afford 2 school tuitions (since chuck's going to school and all... and i'm so jealous...). so i just have to suck it up and deal with the fact that i am not a student and have nothing to study. (of course, when i think about taking a class or two and i look at my day-to-day schedule i have no idea when all this studying would take place... so i guess it's for the best.)

so that's it. i want to go to school, but i probably won't get the chance until i'm one of those middle age people going back to school with all the teeny-boppers. sorry for the fact that this post is completely pointless. :)


The Cobra said...

The University of Phoenix online?

Martinsburg Church of Bruin said...

Andie - just picked up your blog from Jon & Sara Lowery's and read your post, and wondered if you knew that MIT offers some free "courses" via their website. I think they just give you the syllabus and you make your way through, but it's a course from M! I! T! Stuff available in lots of areas (I've considered taking a Lit course, myself). And it's FREE! Anyway, for whatever that's worth!

-Stephanie (Lowery) Van Gorden