Friday, December 09, 2011

cookie time!

now that i'm back in the land of easily-accessible rollo cookies, i'm gearing up to make these babies for a christmas party this weekend! i highly suggest you go make yourself a batch, too!

i definitely forgot how BUSY the christmas season is in the states. i have to be honest, even though i'm loving the christmas decorations and lights and music everywhere i go, i'm missing the simplicity of christmas overseas. BUT since it's not determined when we'll see another christmas in america, i'm soaking up as much as i can, enjoying the little things throughout all the busy-ness, and keeping Christ in the center. and what more can you really do?

merry christmas! go drink some hot chocolate!

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The Renfrows said...

Me Want Cookies! I loved this recipe last year...but had totally forgotten about it. They are so delicious. Thanks for sharing!