Saturday, February 12, 2011

what if... ?

here's a fun game to play with your kids at the dinner table, on a roadtrip, or when you're just plain bored:

(rachel's answers included. warning: silliness abounds.)

1. what if you woke up and your hair was blue? (i'll flip over and take my hair off!)

2. what if you were locked in a candy store? (a bad robot ladybug toy will come after us!)

3. what if you woke up and there was an elephant on the lawn? (i'll flip him over and turn him into a hippopotamus!)

4. what if one of the beans we planted in our garden grew all the way up into the clouds? (some of the plant will fall onto the clouds and turn them pink.)

5. what if your friend was crying? (i sing a song to them, make them happy, and hug and kiss them.)

6. what if you found a lost puppy? (i would bring it back home to the candy store because a shopper there is sad because she lost her puppy.)

7. what if you went to the zoo and you became separated from your parents? (mommy and daddy would ride on an elephant to find me!)

8. what if someone walked into the house with muddy shoes? (i would clean it up, have tea with them, and then put them to bed.)

9. what if there were thunder and lightning and you were riding home on your bike? (i would get soaking wet and go to bed on the road.)

10. what if a space ship landed in the backyard? (i would go on the spaceship with my princess puppy.)

11. what if you won a million dollars? (you would take my picture and i'd go home with a jar on my back!)

12. what if the phone rang and your mother was outside? (you would stay outside and not pick up the telephone because maybe it's a bad guy or something.)

13. what if you saw your baby brother playing with a bottle of medicine? (i would take it away from him, put him to bed, and give him a toy medicine bottle instead.)

14. what if the lamp you were standing next to in the store fell off the table and shattered into a hundred pieces? (i would glue it back on and put it back on the table.)

what silly 'what if's' can you come up with? :)

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Joy for the Seasons said...

Her answers are a hoot! I especially love #'s 5 & 8. She is a dear one like her mama. :)