Wednesday, June 17, 2009

our life... currently packed in 7 1/4 suitcases. 3/4 and a surplus of pounds to spare. it's amazing how much more simple life is without stuff.

this is our last night here in richmond. from here we see my parents, chuck's parents, friends, and then an airport on saturday.

if you're in the area and/or are interested to see our beauteous faces before we fly away for a long time, you are cordially invited to come to us this friday at any time during the day. we'll be staying with friends in the raleigh/knightdale area and we'd love to see you. we are not, however, going to spend our day driving around the world to see everyone. you must come to us, i'm afraid. it's easier for us, especially easier for our kids, and we figure if you really want to see us, you'll make it happen. we love you guys, but come on, there's a lot going on right now.

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